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Compost Tumbler

Solid drum sits off the ground, eliminates problems with odors, insects, rodents, and four-legged scavengers.
Gear-driven handle makes it easy to turn your compost, taking just a few minutes. Eliminates the back-breaking turning of open piles with a pitch fork or the awkward turning of materials enclosed in plastic bins.
Screened vents assure even air flow and drainage, maintaining the needed movement of oxygen.
All nutrients stay in your compost, where you want them, instead of leaching into the ground as they do in compost piles.
Holds enough "mass" to allow the temperature to rise quickly, reaching up to 160, hot enough to kill weed seeds.
Attractive green color blends into your yard or garden setting, becomes almost "invisible".
These unique design features give you finished compost in just 14 days!

Compost Tumbler
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Lancaster, PA. 17601

Contractors State License Board

Avoid home improvement problems. If you are considering hiring a Contactor to remodel, repair or upgrade your new home and landscape, this publication can help you make informed decisions, to select a Contractor who is licensed and in good standing.

Fire Safe Council

The California Fire Safe Council's mission is to preserve and enhance California's manmade and natural resources by providing leadership and support that mobilizes all Californians to protect their homes, communities and environment from wildfires.

Granite Countertops

Everything you need to purchase, select, install and maintain prefab beautiful granite countertops!

Home Energy Efficiency

Many households could save 20-30% on their household energy bills through cost-effective household improvements such as buying more energy-efficient products and appliances, sealing air and duct leaks, and adding insulation.
This web site will help households reduce their home energy bills.


Wireless, finger-powered switch.

Putting in a switch for an over-head fan, switching an outlet, or converting a two-way switch to a three-way switch can be a nightmare if you have to fish new wire through old walls and floors. With wallpapered walls and textured ceilings, it can be impossible. Until recently, the only way around the problem was to buy a clunky battery-powered transmitter/receiver.

An entirely different type of switch is available: It converts the energy of a human finger pushing a switch into a radio signal strong enough to be picked up by a receiver in a light fixture or outlet up to 150 ft. away. Only 1/2 in. thick, the switch can be mounted on walls or woodwork or even glued to glass. The receivers come in two different types - one that's hidden inside the light box or outlet and one that plugs into the outlet.

Although the range is reduced by walls and ceilings, one switch can control an unlimited number of receivers, and one receiver can respond to up to 30 switches (30-way switches, anyone?).

To install the receiver, open the light or outlet and wire the receiver between the power source and the light. Then push the "Learn" button on the receiver and click the switch so the receiver recognizes the signal. (Or buy a plug-in type receiver.) Plastic electrical boxes work best - metal boxes can interfere with the signal. Install the receiver and try the switch a few times before you attach it to the wall to make sure it's within range.

The switches are available in either square European style or the traditional rocker style. The switch and receiver are available separately or as sets. Prices start at $60.

Eupopean wireless switches: (801)225-2226

Adhocel Electronics

Lighting transmitter/receiver: (888)954-4486

Lighting Switch


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Pex Heat

Your resource for radiant floor heating, PEX Plumbing supplies and more.

Radon Testing Corporation

Radon Testing Corporation of America, has been providing testing services since 1986.


Re-me-di-ate Lead Paint Stripper ($80 a gallon) safely and effectively strips lead-base paint from a variety of surfaces. It works in a single application and can be used for interior and exterior projects. The stripper immediately binds the lead in older paints, rendering it non-hazardous.


Accent your living space with handcrafted corbels and library capitals.


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Spiral Staircases

Free Catalog and price list.

Torchdown Roofing

Our membranes are produced with the highest quality made-on purpose polymers and blended with distilled asphalt, insuring consistent modification and product performance.
APP and SBS modified bitumen products yield the best flexibility, durability and workability properties of any products available.