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No Guessing - Know the facts about your home before you move in.

◊ No Worry - Once you have your Home Inspected by a Certified Inspector, you can relax.

◊ No Surprises - Pre-inspections let you buy with confidence and gain Peace of Mind.

The Walkthrough:

 A unique aspect of our Inspection is the personal walkthrough with the Inspector.  At the conclusion of the Inspection you will get to spend quality time reviewing the report and familiarizing yourself with the components of your new Dream Home.




Our Inspection is not a 90 minute rush job. We allow 3 - 4 hours for the Inspection plus extra Quality time for the client walkthrough.

The Inspection report removes the guesswork for the Buyer by removing the surprises that are otherwise left to be discovered after you have moved in.  This also allows you to plan for needed investments and upgrades.

So call and schedule your Inspection today!







We have always felt that the Buyer deserves the highest value for their Investment Dollar. The informed consumer should not seek out the Cheapest Inspection.  We set our fees according to the size, age and components of the Home.  Our fees range from $450.00 and up. This Inspection will save you time and money by eliminating unnecessary headaches.




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