My name is Andy Karpenko.  I am a pre-purchase Visual Home Inspector.

I evaluate the conditions of the components of a home based on the simple criteria of Durability and Serviceability.

I don't do any repairs and I don't give any estimates, so I have no vested interest in the outcome of my report.

I am a Professional and a member of the:

America Institute of Inspectors

The systems and components listed below are evaluated during every full service Home Inspection:


◊ Topography

◊ Landscaping

◊ Fencing

◊ Driveway

◊ Walkways

◊ Patio/Decks

◊ Roof

◊ Interior Rooms

◊ Stairways

◊ Attic


◊ Exterior Structure

◊ Foundation

◊ Basement (if any)

◊ Insulation

◊ Water Heater

◊ Garage/Carport

◊ Plumbing Systems

◊ Heating Systems

◊ Cooling Systems

◊ Lead Paint Testing Available

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